The BAN on BACON has begun


International bacon day is this Friday. She better be prepared for a whole day of bacon…


The complainer should go spend some time in the Islamic State and see how she enjoys her rights and freedoms there.


Are you on Facebook? You must not be. Go to ANY business’s page and read comments, complete whiners and complainers. Only businesses that aren’t ran by morons will ignore other morons, so that hard right wing blogs won’t pick up a sensational “news story”


Haha I honestly don’t know how people can be racist in america. You would get so mad hating every 3rd person you saw since they wouldn’t be white unless you decide to seclude yourself into a hole of a old money high income neighborhood that carries values from the early 1900’s or be part of the old racist groups that still fly confederate flags. Hell, I saw a truck driving through the city with a confederate flag flying. Just blows my mind.

Exactly. People feel so offended here and get to complain. In the middle east, depending on where she lived she wouldn’t even be allowed in public or to speak esp if the shop owner was a man without her husband. I also bet she drove there which last I saw is banned throughout most of the Muslim nations.


Americans tend to be more xenophobic than racist I find (as somebody from England), it just tends to happen that people in these places are a little browner.




It’s obviously hard to know if this is the full/real story.

Given what we know it’s rather pathetic that a business owner would cave that easily to someone’s whining in an attempt to avoid conflict or attention. However, it is rather comical that their actions have gained them attention as a result of taking the sign down versus keeping it up and not catering to the complaints of a religious woman who ironically would probably be supported by all the left wing politically correct retards that reside in Vermont and the rest of New England.