The BAN on BACON has begun


We have become a country of spineless people.

Tell them what you think



Dress barn offends me because I’m not a woman and I don’t need a dress they need to be shut down.

Political Correctness has overtaken the country. How about a policy where if something doesn’t apply to you…fucking ignore it? I make it a point to wish people a Merry Christmas (I have no religious affiliation), but If you don’t celebrate it…fucking ignore it. I cannot believe people are so fucking dumb these days and people just have to cater to everyones cries and complaints. It happens at work too. One student will complain about something and a campus wide policy needs to be changed. People are so fucking entitled these days. GO FUCK YOURSELF…

…also bacon is delicious.


Not sure who I hate more, the lady or the business for taking the sign down. Screw both of them, more bacon for me.


If those people aren’t going to eat there then who gives a fuck anyway! Stop kissing people’s asses. When someone starts messing with my bacon…watch out! (This belongs in the bullshit thread by the way).


I am really starting to hate this country…


Someone should start a bacon challenge

  1. dress up as uncle sam
  2. make a bacon sandwhich
  3. say “God bless merica”
  4. sink you teeth into the bacon sandwhich
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dude you need to spend some time away from the anti-islamic sites. You dont need to spend much time on here to know how you feel about our middle eastern people/religion.


The woman has the right to complain, and the business owner has the right to keep the sign displayed. 1st ammendment all over everyone’s asses

that source seems really angry and Caucasian. Stay angry and white, friends.


I am ok with the country. Some of the people they let live here I could do without.


This is funny, because people making blanket statements like this is one of the things I actually hate about americans


I dont spend time on anti-islamic sites. I saw this on someones wall and posted it

“feel about our middle eastern people”…theyre not my people

Im just sick of the whole “PC” crap. PC actually takes away the 1st ammendment. “I dont like what you said. You hurt my feelings. Stop what youre doing and say sorry”


If I’m not mistaken, when you go to Islamic countries and you don’t do it “their way”…they kill you. Am I right or just another unintelligent, profiling, white, redneck, American citizen? We should just go back to the old west. “Hey, I don’t like the way you’re lookin at me pilgrim”…BLAM!! Next.


something doesn’t add up here. I do not believe the story can truly be as presented. Likely this was done for attention, possibly was a hoax or simply marketing.


If someone were to ask me to list the top 5 racists on the site you would definitely be on the list. Probably boxxa too.


Yeah but the restaurant owners have the right to tell the PC people to go kick rocks. I agree the woman crying about bacon is an obnoxious twat, but the people who immediately cave the second someone starts complaining are also weak chinned bitches.


You probably don’t know me that well then.


We sell alot of bacon ketchup at our deli. I better not put up and signs promoting it lol


lol how do i end up at that level? i am far from racist. i mostly don’t like hipsters, whatever the race.


OK so I was going to use the “thats racist gif” however Google Images for that has far too many gems. This thread can be saved. I first off have to say that racism toward any mass of people is quite ignorant. But these are still funny haha.


Clearly you dont know me…far from racist

I dont mind if a Muslim practices what they want…as long as it doesnt effect me/others. Could you imagine what this country would look like if everyone complained to businesses and told them to remove the things that offended them…plz

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If I walk in there and see it…you better remove it :wink: