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Ok so over on NYfirearms is a thread about a guy who setup a pro2A/anti NYSAFE Act sign that was subsequently stolen. REplaces sign, it gets stolen. Starts asking questions at town office, they deny any part.

NYFA members chip in and buy this guy a trail cam. In term, a third sign goes up and gets stolen. trail cam arrives, some setup days go by, fourth sign goes up and get’s stolen.

Turns out it’s the local PD that’s been stealing the signs!


And the culprit! Yes you did see this correctly, that is a police officer kicking over the sign and sticking it in the back of his car!


Sue the shit out of the police and town for bank pay day.


I don’t know if he really wanted this spread around too much until he talks to shooter. Dunno.


If he pulls his pics from NYFA, the crosslink will teminate here and I’ll lock the thread until he speaks of it again… I’m not hosting those pictures elsehwere If he wanted to keep it a secret that bad he could have just not posted the pics yet. And FWIW I left out the one picture that clearly shows the officers face. Not that it can’t be seen on the other site…

Until then…

** edit, it’s on facetoob now anyway. So much for keeping it low key…**



Not my problem haha.


Lol told ya. This went from local issue to potential internet shitstorm in 3.8 seconds :lol. 4chan, the blaze, reddit, etc. All the super accurate info sites :rolleyes: sent him some money for the survey. Would make my day if this turns out in his favor



His smile in the first pic really makes me LOL


I hate douchbags cops like this who think they are above the law and think they can do whatever they want. Hope the guy lawyers up and gets this asshole fired


Above the law? Ha! How about they are actually enforcing the law?

Hate to rain on everybody’s parade but the sign wasn’t within code.

Local governments may impose reasonable “time, place and manner”
restrictions on speech in order to set forth the circumstances under
which signs may be displayed. Restrictions that deal with the size,
illumination, location and manner of posting signs
without regard to
the content of the speech
are examples of local government
enactments likely to be sustained as reasonable time, place and
manner sign regulations, provided they advance a legitimate
governmental interest. An example of a “time” regulation is a law
allowing temporary signs to be posted for two months. An example
of a “place” regulation is a requirement that signs not be placed
within 15 feet of a road. An example of a “manner” regulation is a
restriction on the size of signs. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that
“time, place and manner” restrictions on First Amendment protected
free speech will be sustained as constitutional
Too bad everybody loves to jump to conclusions, god forbid they actually look into the matter on their own.

Edit: So now the story is getting nation wide coverage as a scandal even though it’s based on nothing? Wow, big surprise, this is just like every other picture on facebook with a sensational quote or words printed on it, which is 99% of time bullshit if you actually look into it. sigh


just cause the sign isn’t in code doesn’t mean that a cop can legally destroy it…but people thinking the cop should/would be fired over this are out of their mind.


“When a local government enacts a sign regulation, it is likely that
some existing signs will not conform to the new regulations. Local
sign regulations should address existing signs, particularly those that
do not conform to newly enacted regulations. A lawfully existing sign
that does not conform to new sign regulation may be treated as a prior
nonconforming use, and allowed to remain provided it is not altered.
Alternately, the municipality may attempt to have them removed.”


is it me or did the part with the pics get deleted?


There’s a difference between “the municipality” and one guy going rogue.


There are always two sides to the story.

Before jumping to conclusions you should hear the other side, call up the town police department and ask them about the situation if you really care.

Otherwise it’s just one angry guys theory and message without a rebuttal. This isn’t what this country is based on. Things get taken to court, both sides present their stories and the judge makes a ruling.

So far to me all it looks like is a guy was putting up political signs without a proper permit, illegally due to zoning in a residential neighborhood, which were removed by the cops. They may or may not have given him a notice prior, but then again it also appears that they didn’t fine him $100 for each offense either.


Actually read the thread… the idiot got a notice from the town and was told to remove it.

He should be VERY glad he’s not getting fined as well as “charged for removal”.



you miss the point…it has nothing to do with zoning laws and fines that makes this a good story. It’s because of the topic at hand. It is a sensitive issue that many people are against, so seeing things like this get a reaction.

I’m sure him “getting fined” was pretty low on his priority list. Getting his message out was more important.


I completely understand why its being sensationalized by the people. “The man” is trying too keep the poor folk down and is limiting their speech against 2nd amendment by limiting free speech yada yada.

The fact that it’s based on nothing and is this “HUGE” thing which the entire anti government world is collecting behind right now is just as stupid as it is sad.


its bullshit all around, im sure there are plenty of other people with campaign signs or other signs that are against code, but did the police go and kick every sign that is against code over? probably not. but his sign got removed which sort of hints at the possibility he is being singled out because of his stance on the second amendment…IMO he should’ve either posted a sign that would’ve met code requirements after being asked to remove the sign. but the way the police/town handled it by sending someone in the middle of the night to steal the sign was also unprofessional…its pretty much the same as guys who go and open carry an ar or ak with a video camera and act like its completely normal when police show up because they got a legitimate call because someone saw a guy carrying a rifle, and then they post the video on youtube to act like the police are evil and trying to take away every right the guy has…it’s porr judgement on the part of both parties.
/kk rant


Don’t give him the classic speeder excuse “don’t you have anything better to do than giving me a ticket?” “why don’t you pull the other people over that are speeding?” :facepalm

He didn’t follow the rules, got a complaint the cops followed the law. Nothing else matters.

The fact that it happened at night (the pictures in the reddit link are daytime btw) just means that they send in the night crew sometimes because day shift actually does have better things to do.


dont get me wrong im not making excuses for him, i thought he was saying they were being stolen at night, this shit does aggrovate me because now this guy will get his 15 minutes and he will be representing gun owners whether we like it or not, and when he is discredited by the fact that he ignored the warning and looks like an asshole on the news, the uninformed, lazy, cable news watcher will think all gun owners are the same, i can honestly say this is the first time i’ve ever completely agreed with you vlad. this is one of the main reasons i hate the term “responsible gun owner”, just because someone has never been in trouble with the law doesn’t mean that they are in any way responsible.