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its election time what about all the other political non commercial signs vlad?? that is a political sign just as much as vote for xxxxx all the other signs that are in violation should be taken down as well… this is westchester county and all the como suck dicks at its best


If you want to know about political signs, read the regulation book above.

You know actually find out answers to the questions youre asking…

Holy s#%t, that is well said :bowdown


Vlad did you read the entire thread? Unless the guy who owned the sign is lieing he stated he recieved a verbal OK to have the sign there from a town official. Also I would think that the town would have to notify the guy to remove the signs before sending somebody to remove them. Which in fact the officer did not do. He destroyed the sign first then removed it, 2 distinctly different actions. Had the cop pulled the sign out of the ground put it in his car and placed a notice on the home owners door there would be no arguement about his conduct. He acted in an unprofessional manner and it is clear that this is a targeted behaviour since other illegal signs haven’t been removed. Personally I hope the cop and the department get crucified and this event helps fuel the anti safe act fire.


Did you?

For those who don’t, I sent an extra $20 donation to scopeny and they give you a repeal the safe act sign… I put it up and one scumbag neighbor called the town building inspector to complain. I got a letter for being in violation of a town code. As per advice on this forum from nyshooter I could fight it on grounds of my 1st amendment rights… so I called the town BI and after telling him ill fight it in court he asked what kind of sign it was so I said a pro2a sign so he said leave it up. A week or so later he called me back because the **** nrighbor cried again and I said that I’m leaving it up. A day or so later my sign went missing (stolen, and probably by the *******s). So I wanted to buy a trail cam first so I could catch the thief and press charges(can’t justify spending the money on one yet) before putting up another sign but I decided to make a sign of my own with plywood and I’m going to drive a couple 2x4 stakes in the ground so someone would have to really work to remove it… here is a picture of the sign… tomorrow ill get a pic of it installed. Btw the stencils took quite a while to make and I rushed the paint work because I didn’t want to wait for one side to dry filly before doing the back side (both sides are the same).
When you want something like a refund or a contract, is a verbal OK enough for you or do you ask for it in writing? If it’s not written, it never happened.

Edit: I have no idea where you get this stuff from about gently taking the sign out of the ground. If something is in violation an officer will fix it without regards to the property damage.

You’re speeding? Pit maneuver, spike strips.

You’re illegally parked? You will be moved.

You put up an illegal sign, you’ll be warned and then it will be removed. Read the rule book above.

All I’m seeing is a whiny little cry baby who without any regards or the legal means of doing what he wanted to do, doesn’t get what he wants and now he’s bitching because it’s not happening his way. If he did it by the book and either got the permit or was far enough from the road with the sign to be legal and this happened it would be a whole another story. But he didnt, so it doesnt matter.


oh like this?

The U.S. Supreme Court has held that homeowners have a
constitutionally protected interest in placing political signs on their
own property when the municipality permits other kinds of lawn
signs. In City of Ladue v. Gilleo, the U.S. Supreme Court declared
a city ordinance to be unconstitutional which prohibited homeowne15
from displaying any signs on their property except residence
identification signs, “for sale” signs, and signs warning of safety
hazards. The City did permit commercial establishments, churches,
and nonprofit organizations to erect certain signs that were not
allowed at residences. In finding the ordinance unconstitutional, the
U.S. Supreme Court held that even though they may regulate the
physical characteristics of signs, local governments may not allow
some signs and ban others based upon their content. The City of
Ladue’s ordinance was simply too broad and effectively eliminated
residential political signs — an important method of expressing
political speech


so still where in that does it allow a cop to come and destroy your property?

oh btw, that is talking about a sign that was legal, then became illegal due to a new regulation, so was the sign in question once legal?

btw i haven’t read the thread, or am going to read up on it, bc i really don’t care and it’s more amusing to point out the holes in your case as your trying to play the other side and see you then trying to find something that backs you up.


right as elliot said the sign was legal then became illegal, and in the link you posted i read somewhere that if it was there before it was changed the sign was “grandfathered” in


Yep as long as they meet the requirements. What was your question again? He can put up anything he wants as long as it is in code.

D. If any sign is erected, altered, or moved in violation of the
provisions of this chapter, proper officials may, in addition to
other remedies, institute an appropriate action to prevent such
unlawful operation.
E. Upon failure to comply with any notice within the
prescribed time, the Enforcement Official shall remove or
cause removal, repair, or conformance of a sign, and shall
assess all costs and expenses incurred against the owner of the
building or land on which the sign is located.
F. All costs and expenses incurred by the Town of Ithaca in
causing the removal or repair of any sign, as specified in this
section and § 221-10, shall be collected from the owner of the
premises on which such sign is located. Payment shall be
made in not less than five days after the receipt of a written
demand. Upon failure to make such payment, such costs and
expenses shall be assessed against said owner and shall be
[FONT=serif]paid and collected as part of the Town and county tax next
due and payable. In addition, the Town may commence any
other action or proceeding to collect such costs and expenses.

I dont need to defend the town any more than I have. Show me where they aren’t allowed to damage the non conforming sigh that is due for removal?


When the fuck was the sign legal?


the guy was told by the town he could leave up the sign after his neighbor complained.

If it was legal for the cop to destroy and remove his sign, why did the cop wait till after midnight to remove it? Why didn’t he just knock on his door and ask the man to take the sign down?


you need to be a member of nyfirearms to see those pics. they are also here bud


Fucking America.

You should be allowed to put WHATEVER you want on your property / thread. No one else pays your damn property taxes, who cares what is on your flipping lawn.

This is the exact reason why we purchased property AWAY from everyone else. No road frontage so we can do whatever the F we want on our OWN property.


Looks like mid fucking day to me, with the time stamp of noon. Looks like they dont care when they do it, contrary to everybody’s conspiracy theory of ninja rogue cops :dunno

If you guys are just going to start making shit up, I’m not interested in wasting my time arguing science fiction. Come back when you back up your statements.


it’s an IR camera, look at the time stamp
I have a similar IR camera for hunting, makes night look like daytime


wait, you are correct, had my am and pm reversed. But an IR camera does make it look like daytime even at night


So why didn’t the cop ask the man to remove the sign? Why didn’t they give him a notice? You are suggesting that it’s okay for the cop to kick and break his sign, and then remove it without ever telling the man he cannot have the sign up!


Really? Again?

Go read the thread and see how stubburn the fool and his peers are. “Oh they tell you, you can’t have the sign??? Fuck em, keep putting it up, chain in to a tree, make it harder”



READ the article. He said he called the town and was told he could leave it up after he told them it was a pro2a sign


"I got a letter for being in violation of a town code. As per advice on this forum from nyshooter I could fight it on grounds of my 1st amendment rights… so I called the town BI and after telling him ill fight it in court he asked what kind of sign it was so I said a pro2a sign so he said leave it up. "


All I have to say about this is that the issue should have been treated a little bit more cautiously. This literally throws massive amounts of fuel on a fire that’s already pretty huge. Whether or not either side is right, a picture (in the right or wrong context) is worth a thouand words.

Now, I know I’m “not right” for thinking this, but the whole “You live in my house(or county), so you have to play by my rules” thing with these local governments pisses me the fuck off. Some rules are there to keep the community in good condition and prevent so called crap from moving in/taking over, but there are a lot of ordinances that are overbearing… That’s one of the many reasons I’m moving out of the City/Suburbia where I can sort of do as I please.