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For those who don’t, I sent an extra $20 donation to scopeny and they give you a repeal the safe act sign… I put it up and one scumbag neighbor called the town building inspector to complain. I got a letter for being in violation of a town code. As per advice on this forum from nyshooter I could fight it on grounds of my 1st amendment rights… so I called the town BI and after telling him ill fight it in court he asked what kind of sign it was so I said a pro2a sign so he said leave it up. A week or so later he called me back because the **** nrighbor cried again and I said that I’m leaving it up. A day or so later my sign went missing (stolen, and probably by the *******s). So I wanted to buy a trail cam first so I could catch the thief and press charges(can’t justify spending the money on one yet) before putting up another sign but I decided to make a sign of my own with plywood and I’m going to drive a couple 2x4 stakes in the ground so someone would have to really work to remove it… here is a picture of the sign… tomorrow ill get a pic of it installed. Btw the stencils took quite a while to make and I rushed the paint work because I didn’t want to wait for one side to dry filly before doing the back side (both sides are the same).

Just sayin…


YUP. I’ll fucking cut somebody.


Is it in writing??

Where is the proof?

Did he ask what he should do about the letter that said that he’s in violation of the code? If it was no longer relevant - get it in writing.

Just cause some guy in town says leave it up, unless he has ruling orders over the police means jack shit on whether or not cops will remove it.

Just sayin…

You guys are acting like you’ve never dealt with customer service type places before where the guy behind the counter or on the phone says one thing, but then another happens in real life…


my question was if a political sign ,vote for xxx on xxx date, is in the same spot as his sign was why are all of those signs not getting violation letters, why are they not being taken down… and from what i remember everytime i pass one of the vote for xxx sign its usually right at the curb inches way from the sidewalk/ street… and from what ive read quickly is said it had to be feet(which is plural, like multiple feet away) away from public street…


Honestly, I’ve dealt with TOC and their code enforcement. I got a verbal OK to leave up my flags in the front of my shop. Never heard anything more about it and everything was OK. Legally, a verbal OK is still binding, though harder to prove. If the cop decided to assume the role of code enforcement, then that’s on him because he’s not code enforcement.


i thought the natural progression of evolution would make us smarter, yet we just sit around and let things like this happen… we need to clean house and the senates, actions like this and the “zero tolerance in schools” is like fighting a debate if the world is round or flat! i still remember the news story where a child bit her bread into what resembled a gun and she got suspended! wow!


I know in schenectady the city “owns” five feet from the street.


My point is the same as semir. If the rule is going to be enforced then it has to be enforced equally to all people and all the signs they post illegally. If the town or police department is only removing pro 2A signs then it is a clear case of discrimination and the town and PD should be sued. I could care less if the guy broke the law or not, this is a clear case of police abuse of power.


did u get a permit to do that!!! what town/county did u do it in? i mean there are codes you possibly violated…


i love that you don’t realize what i was doing this whole time, i was just making sure you are playing devil’s advocate with the correct back up, but the fact that you omitted part makes me question…btw going by your later posts he doesn’t have to have it in writing…but back to actually learning law instead of lauging at people arguing about it.


You may need a hazmat endorsement to drive with that in your car.


hmmmmmm true on the hazmat, now are you driving a commercial vehicle or private? and if commercial do you have your dot number on it with not for hire next to it…

or is this ur car haha


Guys I told him he could keep it up.

Or did I?

See what I did there, Im with vlad no proof = no case, especially when there IS proof it was already asked to be removed.

If the guy was smart and thought it through more, he would have more of a leg to stand on. If its OK for “vote for pedro” signs to be up, like this one should be too, and you want to play the its not fair why can those be up but not mine card, PUT A FEW RANDOM POLITICAL VOTE FOR ME SIGNS UP RIGHT NEXT TO IT TOO. Then its a nice catch 22. Kick them both down and you now have to go around town kicking down ALL THE VOTE FOR ME SIGNS around town too… Or Kick the 2A sign down only and they violated their own rule!

What he should have done. got “yeah put it back up, and HERE IS WHY ITS OK TO BE UP”, on a signed legal document from the town. Then they have ZERO leg to stand on to remove it, however I don’t care. If they say it has technicalities to make it OK, then abide by them and you still are winning.

It would be AWESOME if it had a lick of forethought, but it doesn’t and it boarderline sucks now. But yeah the cop was just as dumb. Ohh well.

PS, Im back, fuck it


I love starting shit on this forum. It gives me something to read over lunch :pop


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The thing at the moment is him determining his property line. In rural towns and villages like this the lines road lines may not always follow suit to the actual property lines in the deeds. That and only that will determine his course of action if any. If it was on town property then he’s SOL, if it was on his own property then well things get a little more interesting.


yes me 2. i have a bunch of things to say about this topic too. i learned at a young age a bad cop can mess up your life. watch out too they are always packing.

i compare most bad cops to nazi police. first they pull you over when your busy, they ask for you card when they first see you, check to make sure your not a jew then they use to much force.


so if they dont meet the quota they face things. so instead they will hand out crazy tickets trying to get you to pay.

most police i consider traffic police. as they will never save a live or stop a real criminal most of the time. but they will hand out a bunch of papers for a traffic infraction.

theres more cops then ever before. so that means theres more of a chance to run into a bad cop. i know coke head drunks that are military police. more than one too.

i reccomend a camera at all times you interact with one. becasue for the most part people will listen and believe a cop more than a regular person especially a judge or a jury.

i like good cops. the old town sheriff idea is the best imo if hes a good guy. like a western movie

i was attacked before, defended myself, called the cops and then i got arrested, charged with words and a expensive lawyer later i might be getting paid for the wrong doing.

huge process but i feel cops should be punished more than paid leave and i have some extra time so why not.

sometimes if cops mess up or they are just dumb and if you have it on film thats a big lawsuit. its one of the only times i think suing is justified. when someone that should be trusted messes up and hurts others or the public.

there are cops on this fourm that think they should be able to decide if law effects them or others. when they dont write any law at all. they are a public servants on paper.

look at my records. a cop posted and was upset i posted the fact there could be bad cops out there.

police should protect the public. not scare them. police shouldnt remove there signs that are opposing views.



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