The most bestest exhaust tip EVER

Where’s CrazyRay when you need him?

LOL :mamoru:

i looked at it real quick and just saw the whiskers, and not the ears or bow, and thought the wiskers were the fingers from that goatse picture…

I didn’t know you painted yer car red howie




where is ray indeed…


Damn… I need one of those.

I bet I can hit 9’s with that shit.

well at least it has style…not mine, but it is better then some of the fart cans i has seen.

No… this is

like a butterball turkey

A quick search turned this up
It’s an image of the goatse exhaust w/o a larger hello kitty exhaust it’s hard to tell which one’s the PS.

omg thats so wrong…
images of goatse will now haunt my dreams

oh god thats fucked up


hmmm…GAY, and whats goatse? lol

If you dont know, consider yourself lucky. There are two types of people in this world… The ones that have seen goatse, and those that have not… The ones who have not have attempted at times to gouge their eyes out, or blind themselves with moonshine, trying to remove the meantal image of the goatse. You’ll have to find it on your own, as I dont think anyone wants to post a link or a discription, as many of us have been scared and scarred by it.
But trust me, your life will be a happier place if you never know.

bah, the goatsy tip is a quich photochop

matching metal colors on the inside left,
matching glares on the outside right
matching shadows on the outside right
bad blend to the body color where an ear used to be
cunky edge at the top instead of the original shadow
chunky edge to the actual tip itself


hah … someones mad that i posted that image picking apart the goatse exhaust …

who ever you are, you fucking suck at life … unless i possibly know you … in that case you just suck …