This might get me banned but..

[15:20] Howie See Ya: lol
[15:20] Howie See Ya: we are going to get drunk
[15:20] Howie See Ya: very drunk
[15:20] KrazyisHoT: holla
[15:20] Howie See Ya: i’m listening to baskstreet boys
[15:20] KrazyisHoT: wtf

I don’t care :slight_smile:

i :heart: you howie

If Howie plays it, it’s good music, if he’s just listening to it, I don’t care.


You’re missing Amber and La Bouche.

Actually… that’s junior high :frowning:

u forgot motownphilly also

I have to hear his ass sing that shit to… :FUCKING PUKE:

Next he’ll be listening to Ace of Base.

InB4 the newkidsontheblock.


He was in diapers when that shit was on the radio… I think we are safe… :beer2:

boys2men- cooleyhighharmoney :pimp:

is “bended” even proper english? i am thinking ‘bent’

I think its ye olde english. not ghetto english like “get my hair did”


N’Sync and Backstreet I’m questionable on… there’s not a thing wrong with Boyz II Men though!

good god i havent heard them in forever.

long live the cure

lol. i probably listened to them a few weeks ago. :snky:

ive seen nsync in concert :snky:

i remember saying “this isnt that lame”

it was with a g/f tho


I love BSB’s new album…you rock Howie lol