To those who appreciate 80's video games...


Original video has been removed.

Fail, I would love to watch this.

Edit: I may get to see it on the website if my work computer can handle it.


Forgotten 80’s Nintendo games :tup:


i can get any nintendo game to work first try everytime. im a nintendo pro, y0


8-Bit Halo is a free download :tup:





I don’t have time for this level of all-that-is-nerd, lol.



Another free game:


New Adam Sandler movie:


No. What was the last good Sandler movie? Happy Gilmore? Billy Madison?

Also wicked bump


Neat concept.


Basically they’re making a movie on the same concept as some of the videos posted in this thread since 2010. I think the OP’s post had a video with very similar ideas.


I guess Pixels is a pile of crap?


1992 so not exactly '80s but:



if anyone here reads… there’s a great book called Ready Player One. Spielberg is doing a movie off the book and the book was mind-blowingly good. Read it in 2 days. check it out


Who remembers this?


I’ve heard this. It’s on my list.

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Cobra Triangle was an awesome game. I still have a few emulators and games around.


I still have an old computer stored away with Windows 98 on it and NESticle.

I’ll have to see if I can get it too boot up and see what era Napster songs are on there too!