Tornado In Chitown. (56 K Hell NAW!!)

yeah there was a tornado here… and i didn’t pic of IT but i got some aftermath… i went outside right as it happened…and i was like uh so i didn’t bother to start taking pics until it was done… but yeah here you go…

i fuckin hate the way this board does these pics so stupid fucking gay… mod please fix it i care the fuck not too… fuck off…stupid VB…

can we have 10 more of the helicopter?

Also, looks like the tornado cut and organized the tree in your front yard.


Seek, and yee shall find

that second last pic is wierd, all the trees are leaning in the same direction, lol. what degree was the tornado?

not sure what degree we had no power so i couldn’t hear what the news said… sorry

sorry i took so may heicopter pics but ehy were all different ones… there were like 12 different ones there…

so yeah

woulda taken pics of the damage but no more battery unfortunatly… it was pretty low when i started taking pics…

No, this guy pooped them out like that!!


Was this right in your neighborhood?

yaeh it was… and that guy who is shitting ou tthe logs… thats my uncle…

Doesn’t look like the same neighborhood from previous pics :gotme:

Someone elses house? And lol and the poop logs.

no cars on their roofs ?

no old ladies pinned under their houses ?

no kids ripped from their beds and thrown into the pool and drown ?

no care …