Trailer Storage in WNY


Hey gents,

I am going to be looking for a safe, clean and secure spot to park a trailer in the near future. it will be a hobby trailer with graphics (to be determined) for my US hail repair company. want to keep it close to one of the bridges so my guys can pick it up on the way to operations.

I do not know the size. It’s been used for ATV’s down in Cali for years and we’re bringing it back up next week.

Let me know if any of you guys have something. would rather shoot a few bucks to friends rather than strangers.


@Coldaccord might have something? And it’s within walking distance to good coffee, lol.


Sorry, just rented my last warehouse space (7300 sq ft) to a third party logistics company out of Mexico. Proximity to the border was a big appeal to them too heh

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@bing I have another idea. I just text’d him.