Tupac is ALIVE y0



thats montel not tupac

That looks pretty convincing…

i dont’ believe anything that’s a “Holla Back Exclusive”

thats BIGGIE :eeK: lol

man biggie lost alota weight

Thats Bull…xx

I saw the morgue photos of tupac… but… I mean, if the protection program wanted to… they could go that far…

lol, yeah that was just some dudes being video taped

regardless, thats still pretty funny

that doesn’t look anything like Tupac…


god … and i thought the skyline issue was a beat subject

that’s not Montel, Montel is larger and a little more built than that. I donno that’s some weird stuff.

if anyone even thought that was real they should be smacked in the balls. that whole entire thing was setup and fake.