Turbo Minivan - Way Cool or Whacko?

What do you guys think of turbo minivans?


You’ll enjoy the video clips, too.

90 Caravan 2.5 turbo

what video clips?

Sorry man, forgot the link. Added above…


Anyone who drives a turbomini is obviously a sick puppy. They are antiestablishment pinko commies who refuse to conform to the ponycar norm. Someone should take away their membership to the NHRA. Minivans can never be cool or fast and they should stop trying.

BTW- there’s a rust free one in a fenced in lot down here. Part of a bankrupcy deal. I’m hoping I can get into the auction. That’d be sweet.

You’re intending to become a sick puppy anti-establishment pinko commie?


Become? When everyone was rushing out to buy an EG hatch I swapped the motor in my neon. When all my friends bought 1200cc Harleys I bought a 78’ 750cc Yamaha.

I’ve BEEN anti.

I’m just taking that shit to the next level. Besides, since Z hacked up his, I feel obligated to bring one back to life. Karmic retribution and whatnot.

The first moment I saw the minivan beat the camero at the track (everyone has seen that vid) I was in shock and thought it was one of the coolest things in motorsports…

turbo minivans kick as$

I was gonna buy one before i bought the hatch…But the floor was shot, so i didnt get it…

I like ANYTHING that isn’t supposed to be fast… but is :slight_smile:

I’ve seen vids of a 10 second K car, I’m not sure which motor was in it, but I’d assume it was something like what you’ve got in your van now.

Yup, that K-car had a 2.5 turbo 8 valve motor in it, 4-core intercooler, and a large T4/T3 hybrid on it (I think he was using a T04E57, with a stg3/.63). Lotsa boost!

Turblo vans for life! :smiley:


dan, i may have prepped this crew to loving minivans a little


I’m picking up another fun turbo car - a 1985 T&C K-car station wagon with woody sides.

Oh yeah.

when 5 werent enough