TW: S14 Rear Overs???

I’ve had a set of 30mm S14 overs sitting in my garage for 3 years that i’ve never done anything with…

I can pull a mold of them if there are 4-6 people willing to pre-pay, same as we did with the coupe overs…

4 people: $275 each

After mold is complete regular pricing will apply which is much higher than the posted prices.

I don’t expect that we’ll get more than 4 so i’d take a $300 payment up front and then refund iin cash at time of pick up if we get the higher number.

what size?

interested…looking for 50 + rear and 30 + front

updated… 30mm…

but as with all rear overs you can trim them to be wider…

i’ll get pics when i can… it’s cold out and i don’t feel like it right now…

posting pics is for people you can’t trust anyways :slight_smile:

Yeah, interested in seeing pics when you get a chance Bing.

pics attached.

they wrap around the upper rear quarter nicely and flare out over the wheel.

i only brought one inside because it’s cold and i dont have a lot of room to do this stuff anymore.

no clue where they came from… i got them in a trade years ago and totally forgot about them in the garage of my fibreglass guy for like 2 years and just got them back a few months ago… hilarious.

lets get 4 guys…

Did you purposely turn your watch over so we could see your ballin haha


does the watch come with purchase aha…
still i might be down if i can get teh flow together, this happenin soon?

it only happens if i get the required amount of people

the coupe valances will happen quickly because i just need like one more guy

I could tell you… they look familiar

bullshit u dont know where they came from , we talked about these a few months ago when i was at your place biatch

yeah but i dont know where they came from before that :slight_smile:

like what brand they are or whatever.

i want !!

welli may just end up selling these things to somebody unless a few guys go in to do this project.

i lowered the 4 person price to $275… lets get this done…

the veilside lip should be done next weekend…so now i can clean out all the parts i have laying around and make more room for baby strollers and such

wait an s14 veilside lip? for the front??

no, S13 coupe rear

damn :frowning:

jay, get overs… ball out

well ill buy next weekend if nobody wants to jump on GB… willing to selll?

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pic of these mounted mayb? or just placed