UBRF Is Back?????

For some unknown reason I just typed www.ubrf.org into my address bar…and it is there again. Anyone know what is going on?

fuck ya!

Take that NYSpeed n00bs!

None of the thread links are working :shrug:

ahhahaha yes!

ubarf > nyspeed

I cant remember my old password, but I dont think it would work anyway.

i tried logging in, but didnt work



Who is huk?

Guest access now OFF Posted by: [huk] on 06-09-02 @ 02:25 AM
Due to the recent retardedness of a few bad apples… Guest access is now OFF… this is not a permanent feature… but will be until further notice.

You must now be registered and logged in to be able to view the board.


Can not log in. Also most of the links including the register link send me back to the home page.

I would love a good local car forum full of racing convo and drama again. Ubrf was coo

wtf… I can’t even get to the member list… but I do see a post by hottieinajeep

More ass turbo???

The fun old days…Trolling :lol:


I remember hearing about it from lz in government class Sumer school in like 2001 lol

High school :bowrofl:

i miss towaga