VW GTI (whatever gen '07 is) Monster Mats

Still have these leftover from my step dad’s GTI.

The Monster Mats look like these and fit his '07, but I’m not sure what other years they’d fit because I’m not a VW guy. I don’t even think they were used more than a few dry days. 4 mats total - front and rear.


Damnit i porbably would have bought those mats when it was still WINTER

Ya know, I never even thought about that, lol. It totally blanked my mind that you owed a car that these might fit.

whatcha lookin to get for the matts

Good Seller GlWS Josh :tup:

$40 takes 'em.

Still have these Monster Mats sitting in my basement. Front and rear. $30 anyone?

put them up on vortex you should be able to pull 50 or so

I will take them for 30


These never sold last year. $30 anyone? Still in my basement.

Bump, lol.

Anyone interested? Noticed them in my basement again today.

How well do you thing they would fit in an s4

Dunno. But they kinda look like these:


Bump, still sitting in my basement. $20?

These would be for a MKV, but based on their part number they are the same as the MKVI GTI as well. Do they have the oval retainer clips? If so I will take these off of your hands just to have a spare set… Shoot me a PM

I don’t think these have the retainer clips, but I could be wrong.

I’ll take them. My rabbit’s monster mats are worn through on the drivers side.

I’ll give Haenszel dibs since there’s nothing wrong with the ones that i have and these would only be spares.

Awesome. Sending PM now :tup: