Watch how real shit gets the next few years (China hacking everyone)

Still not back to work yet. Still no VPN connection. No applications up (oracle etc). No network for the few production people who are now back in the building.

Doesnt look good for next week either. FUCKING CRAZY.

We’re all just getting paid to sit at home and fuck off, answering a few emails a day.


well I mean, you could get the cavy out!


Been crankin’ away on house projects here and at moms.

This week working on the cabriolet.


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Im still just sitting at home - this is week 4. Next week not looking good either.
Some of our production people are back here and in China. Still none of the main systems are back up.

so strange. theres no paywall on my phone but once i paste the link here its paywalled…

Its forecast of “at least” a $200mn hit to its current quarter’s revenues is about a fifth of the $1bn in sales that it had forecast before the attack. Analysts at Cowen, a broker, estimate the final impact on quarterly sales could total as much as $500mn — more than half what Wall Street had previously predicted.

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Holy shit man. I can’t believe after week 1 they didn’t just bend over and pay the crypto ransom.

Here’s a link to the Financial Times article using that 12ft fence paywall jumper:

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My team got approval to go into the office finally. We still dont have a fully operational network. Our systems are largely up again, but can only access them via a 5G hotspot / VPN (lol derp). I have easier access from home.

Sounds like it could be another month until we are back at 100%.

Im just glad they’ve been paying us the last 5wks without burning vaca or sick


I went into the office yesterday. It may as well be the 1800s.

I needed a drawing for our test fixtures guy to modify a chassis since he still doesnt have a computer.

  1. connect to 5G
  2. use teams to message mechanical guys
  3. one of them happens to have it on his C drive
  4. sends me dwg
  5. download drawing to laptop - slow as balls
  6. save drawing to thumb drive
  7. put thumb drive into side of printer (bc printers not on 5G)
  8. print drawing

That sounds awesome.

When on travel, I’m not allowed to use thumb drives OR install printers.
It was great emailing drawings my personal email so I could connect my non-work phone to the printer. Then do the reverse with markups that I scanned on the printer.

Go Technology.

haha yup.

Ive been at companies that dont allow drawing downloads (schematics etc) so people were either using screen shots or taking pics with their phones. SUPER SECURE.

Your situation is definitely on the worse end of recovery efforts I have seen after a ransomware incident.

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They are trying to tell us we are doing good compared to some. But it seems pretty bad.

Im still not sure why they didnt let engineering help with the computer review and quarantine process. Instead we have ONE local IT guy with prob 1k computers? I think I heard there was 600 PCs just in the rochester factory, not counting engineering laptops people had at home. And i think he also serves the other rochester locations of our other division.

You can’t use the thumb drive at all anymore. Linde killed that shit 100%. I heard from our 1 IT security guy say we are getting 50+ attacks on global protect daily.


I got thumb drive aceess restored and dont even need encryption.

Bruh how, what are the secrets???

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Infrastructure in nearly every critical sector has been impacted, Microsoft said, including the communications, transport, and maritime industries. Government organizations were also targeted.

Couple things.

  1. It’s amusing that Microsoft is saying, “hey guys, all your shit has been infiltrated”. Gee, how do you know Microsoft? Oh right, because they got in through your shitty OS. :slight_smile:

  2. I’m not scared. Our LGB :baguette_bread::mushroom:TQ+=@!~ military is 100% ready for a war with China.

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Microsofts security business is something like 20 billion+ now which is wild

Their cyber threat intel teams are pretty top notch and often work with various LEO to take down attacker infrastructure or find interesting ways to remove infections from machines.

It’s basically Mandiant/Google and Microsoft as the top players in that space these days.

The tradecraft from this specific set of attacks was pretty basic which is neat


@LZ1 is this good advice?

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