wet t/ shirt contest!!

wanted: girls to compete in wet t shirt contest!! $100 first prize!! hats , shirts and many give aways!!! need contestants!!! e mail me at trampspg@comcast.net :offtopic: :eek4dance :naughty:


no thanks. I enjoy keeping my clothing on at public events. :slight_smile:

Edit: And not looking like a whore.

good luck




u see n what us men will do to see booobies

I know… just about anything… even hurt your selves.


Eurodad’s in if there’s soapy water! :bowrofl:


good time last year


I dunno… this event has Pewter written all over it!

:rofl: bwahahaha

U are a pathetic excuse for life…y don,t u go and get your own girl that doesn,t include the word kodak on the back of the page…

This guy is obvisouly doing the Tramp’s Bar and Grill Winter wet T-shirt contest.

Like shaggy said us pittsppeders went last year were allowed upstairs unlike everyone else and Tim the owner was really cool and a member of this board.


(edit - This may be Tim, but I thought his name was different)


I ment Ed the owner of tramps sorry about that. :doh:

gonna have to pass…

already been in one tonight with my b/f :smiley:

need proof


his eyes only