What time frame do you surft NYSpeed the most?

9AM - 5PM

1AM - 9AM

5PM - 1AM


I need to do some maintainence… and some more hacking…

do it NOW. ARCADE YAY!!!

if i was less busy at work i would be on all day, but im busy trying to push RICO on some peeps :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d say 5pm-1am…

usually during work cause i work from 4pm-12:30am

Honestly we had the Arcade at Honda-Acura.net and nobody used it. We recently took it down. I forgot we even had it for awhile.

This goes along with the “girl’s only” section that hasnt’ had a post in it for…5 months.

pipe down detail boy


okay kay-z I’ll agree I really miss playing tetris for the entire week I found out HAN had it before the admin took it down. :frowning:

well i work 2PM untill 2AM so thats when im on :lol:


im in the 5-1 crowd

me too. its when i have the most free time. im definately not anywhere near a computer when i am working.

i’m mostly on from noonish til 4…then from 2am til i decide to sleep, between 4pm and 2am i’m stuck at work =\

7am-3pm on my time zone if i am in the shop. soo that would be 11pm-7am 4 u

dont u dare shut it down on me howie :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think i’m ever not surfing during work 9-5

when I’m bored and out of work

between 5pm-1am for me… when im done with classes and not at work

work 11am-12pm everywhere in there

surf the most during work 8-7.

occasionaly after work 7-10.

I’d rather use up office time then drinking time.