Whats up everybody!!!

Hey It’s me ac1d_c0d3 from ubrf… had to change the name to something that is easier to type…heh Tracid, Trance and Acid…(no i dont do drug, i do love trance, techno, etc…)

Anyways, good job howie!!

Here is my photography forum, i will make a thread about this in off topic.

ubrf–> Nyspeed!!
wnyphotographers.board.invision.///blabla.html.login.blabla.php–> MyPhotography site!

I am liking this already!!

:wave: what up bro…

and happy brithday…LOL

Cool man, thanks.

Hi :wave:

what up

wooooooooooot wooooooooooooooooot


welcome to the board man :tup:

howdy :slight_smile:

sup man, good to have you on board.