whats up

My names joe and I drive a gay 4door auto cobalt. i also forget to proof read my posts so I apoligize in advance.


sup joe

haha welcome joe, auto cobalts are the shittttt

:tup: i look forward to your posts


hey it is my old neighbor…welcome :slight_smile:

who hasnt been your neighboor at one point or another :bloated:

sup sup! welcome!

you should have got the SS

hahahaha, its joe.

trust me i would of or atleastgot 5spdIn january they wernt out and i needed a car because metro was a 2 hour ride

thanks for the welcome guys.

wanna race…j/k…welcome

u picked on the special kids in highschool didnt u

i picked on everyone in the school including the students parents

ahahahaha thats great. ur a equal oppurtunist when it comes to shit talking

:wave: what’s up

hi joe!

welcome nitroinsane!!!

we already knew you were gay;;;;; Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

hi joe :wave:

yo welcome man, come to taffys tnight