When a turbo is just too big and you don't want nitrous...



Evo8 …


very interesting setup and solution for quicker spool, :tup: to that dude


tee hee hee


holy fuck.

holy crap… I’d love to see a dyno curve

and using the A/C to supercool the liquid in the water to air cooler is such a sweet idea

omg, thats nuts…wonder how the gas mileage is :lol:

i dunno about the Evo, but the STi is getting 26mpg highway, and it makes 564chp, 25psi from 1900 to redline. It runs a GT35R. This is all heresay though, there has been no hard data posted from what I have seen, although it was built by a reputible tuner.

O…M…Fing GOD!!! that is friggen amazing i just creamed myself…someone did a similar setup recently on an svt focus and is gettin 6psi at idle and a max boost of like 30psi(all built internals of course)…but its ungodly fast