where am i?

o thats right your at home along with me looking at a computer screen, look back biatchez


your more of a nerd in person

:wave: sup

what uppppppp :wave:

Oh good, so you got your internet working then :tup:

Sup GUy.

flaco :tup:

whats up :wave:



Now, what the hell does your sig mean, the picture

hahahaha whatsup nate


Pirates like sherm love talking about drinking tomato juice while throwing snails out doors

:rofl: Little ONYX :wave;


that cant be it.
the tomato juice is before the pirate!.

HI Nate…you finally got a user name people will recognize :wink: :wiggle:

whats up Jr

a little easier to figure too,

vag-ha-lear- d000d???:smash2:

wow smilies on this site pwn the great third wirld countires

ha long time man…how ya been…

and welcome

hey Nate! :wave:

welcome~! :slight_smile: