Who thinks we'll lose power today in WNY?

My boss lost power last night for about 6 hours. He talked to National Grid and they said there were widespread outages last night because of the load on the grid. With today and tomorrow being much worse than yesterday I’m guessing there is a good chance of a major blackout. I know my central air kicked on before 7:30am this morning, and I’ve never seen it run that early in the day before.

eh, im gonna say NO

:tdown: to rolling blackouts…

My neighborhood is too wealthy, theu wont cut it here :tup:

No, this should be a poll question.

ugh yeah last night was badddd

got home at like 1230 and it was still 80 out with %101202192 percent humidity. I mean it too, the air turned to a supersaturated liquid because of the high heat level and salt in the air from sweaty sweaty people

i guess like 500 people lost power in amherst…we are having issues here at work with our servers going on and off…no one knows why…

My little 9,900 BTU window unit kept my apt under 73 :slight_smile: I left the bitch on in “HIGH” mode when I left this morning…

Like an oven in here. :tup:

Windows had condensation on them this morning. I walked out of my place and my sunglasses fogged up immediately. YIKES!

i know onyx had a brown out last night.

My air conditioner died yesterday…not related to power though

I think people will be ok.

I have central air AND a window unit in my room. If I go warm, I’m taking you all with me.

I also have a generator :cool:

yea last night around 1230ish when myself and some others were rolling through millersport and sherdian, there was nothing

I’m out right now at work. Have been for about an hour. I’m at the corner of Main & Eggert.

I can only hope the power annhilates itself this afternoon, and the generator self destructs, leaving the building too hot to stay within and sending everyone home for a nice day of relaxing by the pool.

I wish I could say the same, i have to go work in a hot truck loading boxes later today, it will be about 8 million degrees in there…

Wow, you should have just heard my boss cursing when I relayed that message. He lives not far from there and was without power for 6 hours last night. :lol:

I just called my house and got my Vonage voicemail, so I know I have power. I bet the central air is cranking full force too.

I lost power at work yesterday and 1.5 hours today WTF!

:bsflag: How did you post that then?

i have a nice window air conditioner for sale if anyone wants it