woo weee

Hi… I’m here.
Some of you remember me, I bet… from back in the day.

– just Janny this time too, no “girl” necessary.

Awe, Jan is all growed up, not a little grrrrrrrrrrrrl anymore… Hahah… j/k, welcome!

:wave: hi Jan!

what up…and welcome

Hello Jan



eeewwwww girl germs

janny, did i see you drive by hamburg beach yesterday by any chance? maybe round 7-8ish?

sadly no… i was at home at that time

Hey Jan :wave:


erm hello

hey hey Jan…welcome :wink:


I’ve decided that everyone needs to put their pictures in their profiles.
so go do that. yay.

Hiya…Welcome (even though you have probably been here longer then me)…lol

you should use the pic o took of you the other day at the shop

oh boy… they will let anyone on this sight now! haha… hi jan.



whoaaa… ;c )