Woot Woot!!!

![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing fixed.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing fixed.JPG)

:bigthumb: TIMING IS FIXED!

here are some other cool pics now hehe
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/mine rear.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/mine rear.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/motor side.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/motor side.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt1.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt1.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt2.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt2.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt3.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt3.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt 4.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing belt 4.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing top.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/timing top.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/slowass and vette 2.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/slowass and vette 2.JPG)
![http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/slowass and vette.JPG](http://www.pittspeed.com/uploaded/slowass and vette.JPG)

i do have 3 vids of slowassneon’s RT too, hits 70 in 2nd and takes it all the way to the top of 3rd, then the insane cammed idle, then taken off over the bridge… but im gonna have to get whitey to host it

damn. i didnt even notice you take that many pics.
that cam gear pic didnt come out too well either. you cant really tell how lined up they are. shoulda taken one to show how off they were tho :lol:
(edit- for those wondering, both cams were indeed off by 1 full tooth. whoever timed that thing should be fired)


So How long did it take you to search though all thos pictures to find a match to your car?



like your whole family works for GM, we were greatly outnumbered, nice 05 GTP and C5 vette tho :beer:

Awesome news!!!

cool its fixed now…now when you sell it for a f-body it wont have anything wrong with it.

yes it does, he touched it


i used to lose power really really bad at 5000rpms, now it takes off nicely after 4000 till 7000 (for a neon)

'04 GTP Comp Group :wink:
not the whole family. just the dad (gfs dad)

Congrats. See what she will run now :bigok: