that kaa dont look right though…

omg that shit is funny…


holy cow … i hope the husband had room in the garden for his wife …

what ever happened to just choppin off his penis? christ… women are crazy.



Fucking women…:frowning:

thats what got him into this jam in the first place…

Just to make things worse… Dude never actually cheated. This story was on another forum yesterday. Dude sounds like a slimeball so i dont feel too bad for him.

its missing the rear bumper in the pic, and its rolling on 20’s apparently … so its to tall / to short …

lucky break for whoever picked up that car

oh wow…thats rough…

crazy woman, lol…

damnit i wish i lived in the UK and saw that…i would have bought that!

He does make some stupid remarks about his wife and family. Talk about a crazy woman though. I would be so pissed if that happen to me. I would get her back big time.

wow, whoever bought that probably crapped their pants when they went and got it, and it was actually all real and not some stupid ebay prank.

So, lets start a poll. WOULD YOU RATHER:

A.) Get your penis chopped off and reattached (in working order)
B.) Lose a Lotus Esprit Turbo?

he does sound like a douchebag… I don’t feel badly for him either…
but that lady definitely needs to learn how to suck it up.

just saw this on another forum…(not the barf)…crazy shit…note to self never piss a woman off

They were just talking about this on wild 101.1. The DJ came up with a new word just for this lady. He called her a slunt (slut + cunt). I thought it was pretty funny.


thank you hayley the car is excellent thank your hubby for me
Buyer goddamm7 ( 0 ) 21-Jun-05 23:01 4556985749