Wow, I wish this was my friends' mom

who was also rediculously hot.

omg someone find pics of her!



after seeing the pic

eww she looks like shit

she’s probably crazy.


shes probably on meth,…that shit will make u age like 20+++ years, i saw a pic of a guy at a methlab awarnes seminar i was at for the fire co…this dude was 27 and looked like he was 80, thin grey/white hair, super wrinkly, liver spots…it was nasty.

i heart meth.

The mom… not such the hot
I woulnd’t touch that with a 40 foot pole.



id hit it

omg, there is a picture i NEED to find…

from the movie mean girls

“im not a regular mom, im a cool mom” as the dog bites her nipple lol :X

back at the kids highschool, all the ‘your mom’ jokes are probably true

this was the best i could find:
total recal anyone?


crazy lady :bloated:


bahwbahhahaha @ newman

Yous a HOooooooooo , HO!

Yous a Hoooooo, HO!