wtb: 180sx type x front bumper

as the heading says i want to get one so i can put my kit together and paint my car at school this semester, i will need it by march or before, either that or a nismo front bumper or i will have to settle with a veilslide front lip, one out of the three, let me know guys!!



only difference is the aditional vent in the front, this is BRAND new only taken out for pics.

Doba, are u selling that? Is it an OEM one or fiberglass?

thats fiber glass mark, def. not oem. Its still a sweet piece.

I hear that they have fitment issues though…

doba u selling that?

how much

yeah sure I could sell that, $280 for that.

yes its fiberglass, its a raceready product, never heard of any fitment issues with them, seems great just wrong style for my coupe.

am, hold up bro, i will most likely buy this piece, if i jacked ur thread i dont think u would like it same here, but if ur just inquiring well thats diffrent,ayte so dont take it too personal
am doba check ur pm

yup Sean your thread your first bid. no poblem you want it its yours, youve been pm’ed.

If Sean doesnt buy it, ill go on to the next person.

if u want it its yours, i dont care, you do have first dibs.

only reason i aksed is cuz u were looking for an eom 180 peice, and thats aftermarket.

anyone of you guys still interested in this bumper? get it now before I get it traded in for something else.

oh snaps dude i forgot about the bumper, were can i meet u for it, check pm