WTB 1990 240sx winter tires

Okay soo my parents still say it’s dangerous to drive a rwd car in winter when theres no snow. So they’ve negotiated with me that if i can find winter tires with or without rims I can insure it again! Help me out please! I MISS DRIVING MY 240! Oh btw hopefully it’ll be someone from edmonton :slight_smile:

hey i have 15 inch winter tires 205/55/R15 Dunlop winter/ice tires perfect for the conditions we have right now 85-90% tread left. Used just over a month. payed $750 fot them but I`ll get rid of them for $450

Wouldn’t that mean they’re 16s?

sorry my bad, hit wrong key

Is that one pair of tires or 4? :slight_smile:

I have 4 Michilen Alpine winter tires on 4 stock 7 spoke wheels. 75-80% thread left.

sorry man its a set of 4 that i have

do they have rims?

no just the rubber


Hancook Ice Bears 195/60-15 $89.95 CDN/tire. You can even get good name tires in that size for like $20/tire more.

Of course, the whole irony of this is is that winter tires perform like sh!t on dry/wet pavement. Even worse on COLD dry pavement.

What kind of tires do you have on the car right now? If they’re all-seasons and not almost bald you won’t need winters. You need at least a couple of centimeters to even begin to notice the difference winter tires make. And we haven’t gotten near enough snow for that all season.

B-Wurm :smiley:

Yeah I know but they insist… :frowning: