WTB: 92-95 civic purge valve

i have 3 of these in my garage and they all have the same part of them snapped off. if it comes down to it i will jbweld something up, but if u got one for like 10 bucks ide rather do that. lemme know. thanks fellas

did you try autozone?

I paid like $3 for one

i saw them online for 40 dollars at autopartswarehouse

skrappa can u help me?? get me a price?

a small plastic PCV valve for $40?? WTF

just go to any parts store

whhoooopsss, my bad, im thinking of the wrong parrt. the one i need is a purge valve. phhewwww

decided to go for the crazy glue and it worked out perfectly, fuck 40 dollars, super glue ftw!!