WTB 93 240 parts

hello all,

im looking for a hatch, hood, door locks, front glass, power steering line, lol and much much more lol. let me know what you have. pm is key

I have white hood that’s in like mint shap.

i have a complete front end all white all lights are there and working will sell complete or seperate for cheap

pm prices please

pretty much will sell for what you want to pay

Whats that?
Theres many things people have…state what you need, and you’ll get better responses.

I can sit here and name everything I have to sell…but what are the chances you need more than 10% of it?

List your stuff, maybe I have something to sell.
I need money anyways lol


well let see.
power steering line
black interior
dash cluster
head lights( the trim part that is around it)
after this week end ill know everything
breaks for no abs
will add more

I got a mint black hood, dash cluster, headlights with the trim, and the black interior. send me a pm back when you want to come and you can just take the whole car after i take out the motor and tranny.

brake pads? calipers? rotors?

check pm

pads rotors

i got a maroon hood $25 and its yours, just need new hinges.

I’ll let a whole zenki front end go for $50 just need a rebar.

I’ve got the trim pieces that go around the lights and some black interior pieces.

i have a blue hatch trunk shaved wiper/brakelight/spoiler holes. $80

I have (for front and rear):
4-lug S13 rotors (drilled & slotted)
Hawk HPS brake pads (2 months of use)
I’ll let everything go for $120, never tracked with these, rotors are fine, pads have tons of material left one them.


I need to find , the top plate of the fuel pump where the two hard lines come out of the tank, and the cover plate in the hatch.

Power steering lines.
tires lol

I would like to thank everyone that been helping out, thank god i found this site. lol

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