wtb...96-00 civic steering wheel

Hey fellas I need to buy a new steering wheel mine is trashed when I lived in pheonix my car was stolen a my horn buttons are broke and it worn pretty bad…lookinh to buy a momo and quick release slim hub from h-t but I wouls like to find one local if possible or a stock ek rsx ep3 s2k would also be fine

i got a stock wheel with airbag and all make me an offer…

how is the shape any nicks is it worn

where u at in gburg im comin there today i can bring it

sorry i went to morgantown yesterday but i will come see it sunday or we can set someting up

its kool …hmmm i work tomorrow at 3 so if u wanna meet in mt pleasant or something before then just let me know…

How many miles on yours but I can meet u anytime