WTB: CAS bolt

Need the lower CAS bolt if anyone has one. Mine is missing.

I would just go to a Nut and Bolt or whatever, but I don’t want to pull out the top bolt to find out what I need. Don’t really feel like reseting it.


Keep your comments about ghetto MAF wiring to yourself, it’s getting fixed. :finga:

You could just mark the position of it and take out the top bolt… if you can’t find one.

The CAS is in there pretty good. At least mine is, so it won’t pivot that easily if you take it out. But like Dave said, just mark it, and if it moves, move it back to where it was.

I have the size on an invoice from edmonton nut and bolt if i can find it.

Sweet! That would be awesome if you could find it!

Just go buy a new bolt from partsource, should be a m8 x 20mm or maybe just get one of each its like 14 cents.