WTB: Cheap 512mb PC133 168pin SDRAM

Sadly one of the slow-ass computers here at work still uses PC133 memory. It could use an upgrade… well that and I’m tired of listening to this lady bitch about it…

So bottom line – looking for 2 sticks of 512mb PC133 168 pin SDRAM. Cheap as possible and has to work perfectly/reliably.

Yeah before you say newegg, I already know and I’m looking for some locally/quickly – k thanx bye.

Hollar at me.

that stuff aint cheap…the cheapest I found it online was 80 bucks a stick


I know your probably lookin for something better though


yeah it’s on newegg for like 65-100 bucks for o-k-a-y stuff.

if i can’t find some cheap i’m going to advise them to look into a new machine altogether. i mean for a little more than the $200 + shipping it would cost for the memory i’d rather put them into a new whole machine you know…

if a pair of 256 sticks will work, my friend tom has a pair sitting in his car here at my house … they are pc 133 and he has a habit of always haveing extra computer parts from stuff they scrapped at work,

make an offer and come get it, i alreadt called and asked, he said to offer it up


hmmmmm yeah it only has two slots…

but 512 overall might be okay…

would he trade for some chivas regal? :smiley:

money is prefered

ehhhh it was worth a shot. think i’ll keep looking for two 512s then.

wow i was tired when i saw the post the first time … didnt realize it said TWO 512’s

I have 2 512MB modules at $40/ea. Works flawlessly. I’ll ship from nyc.

woo woo, okay let me get back to you tomorrow.

cool shit, buying from haner. thanks for the offers guys.