WTB: F-body Parts!!!

Well here are some of the things I need for this season. Have it on LS1tech already just figured I would see if you guys have anything laying around. NewEra if you feel like giving me a sweet deal I will purchase new.:wink:

15x3.5-4in, 15x9.5-10in wheels with or without tires to fit a stock width rear on a 2001 Z-28.
Rear swaybar
Tq. Arm (prefer madman or bmr extreme but open to anything)
Panhard rod(adj.)
Rear shocks(adj.)
6-10 point prefer bolt in
Lightweight racing seat
Certified harness
Certified Helmet M/L


i have a M and Large DOT Dirtbike helmet pm me

hey andrew are you in town? We stock lots of BMR, I was stacking boxes up the the rafters the other day. Should have everything on that list. I just put the bmr t56 TA reclo (PN tc006?) on my car the other night with a adj TA. You should drive it and see how it is, no shifter movement, and still have the slider front bushing. So doesn’t clunk, and ride like a dump truck, like the UMI/spohn ones.
What seat are you looking for I have a black corbeu (Sp?) forza its like 17#s I’d sell you. For shocks I was gona call PM today and get prices on signal and dual stranges.
I’d love to get afcos, apparently we sell alot of dynatechs stuff witch I forgot owned afco. I haven’t gotten prices but they I’d be surprised at PRI what they can do for us.
I think we still have BMR tubular Kmembers on sale. $445 shipped, from the normal $499. With the LS1 engine stands there 25#s, a stock with the cast iron stands at 57#s

Man I am in Iraq still and then will be returning to Seattle in a few weeks. But I have a shipping address right now for parts to be sent to. I really need a bolt in 6-point and wheels/tires so i can get it racing ASAP. Would you be able to send me some prices of the pieces I am looking for. Whatever tq arm it is I want it to be a short arm not a long one. As far as seats go I was going to do Kirkey but send me a price on the forza. ablake211@yahoo.com Thanks man and we can talk more through e-mail.

L is Snell M2000 and the M is Snell M95

Here we go :slight_smile:

E-mail me pics if you don’t mind ablake211@yahoo.com


it would be easier to do this http://nyspeed.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48395&highlight=dirtbike%2Fatv

cuz i dont feel like logging in to yahoo :shrug:

Oh thanks I will let you know. I need to check what cert the helmet needs to be. Anyone know? Holler