WTB: Fridge

Anyone have a decent fridge laying around? Me and the wifey are getting a house, kinda fell into our laps… Trying to avoid spending a shit ton of money on a brand new one, figured I’d see if anyone around here had one before I go and give away 700+ on something new

lemme see if my step dad wants to get rid of the one in garage since we dont use it anymore

if you find one you like an need help moving it i have my truck and if you need help moving stuff to your new place i have my enclosed snomobile traler we cud get yah moved in no time

Thanks man but I’ll be good… Got the ranger, and for big shit I got my brother F-350 and enclosed trailer

I have one in my backyard that use to be in the house it is missing some bolts to hold the doors on. 350 takes it its stainless steel and black. Looks like this with black on the sides.


here dumbass http://albany.craigslist.org/search/?areaID=59&subAreaID=&query=fridge&catAbb=sss


I know how to use craigslist. If anyone here had something I’d rather get it off someone around here to help em out before I go given my money to some pun jabi who stole one


Ask Racehatch to get ya one

I got one in my garage. Ill find out how much they are selling it for


LMK man :thumbup

175 bucks for it

pics of said fridge.



I will take some dude

mspaint that shit