my friend wants to get a futon for his basement. anyone got anything? thanks. i think he wants to keep it under like 100bux

black metal frame, black coushon. 50 bucks picked up and it’s his

is it in good shape?

yep, it’s just taking up space so my mom wants it gone

got any pics? where u located?

i could take some pics, and i’m just out of marilla

I have a futon but I can’t let it go for that cheap

10" mattress :slight_smile:

well, lets here more about it anyways howie. ya never know.

10" mattress, foam, multilayer - it’s squished down now, but it is still maddd comfy and you cannot feel ANY bars whatsoever through it.

Constantly flipped (even wear)

Wood and stainless steel construction.

The futon itself I can let go for pretty cheap, but the mattress is where it gets a little more expensive.

I’d say… 175?

I actually have 2 of these mattresses, currently Pass McGass is borrowing one.

u got any pics?

howie, my friend says he’ll give you 150 and he’ll pick it up this weekend.