WTB: JDM S14 Kouki rear bumper

I am looking for JDM S14 Kouki rear bumper. Let me know what do you guys have… Thanks,

I have the 270R bumper that looks very similar to the kouki bumper (without valences).

How do I know? Because I also have a JDM kouki rear bumper without the valences mounted - I compared them side by side and they looked identical. I can who you in the live if you want.

lol… anyways heres the kouki one.


I too, have a 270R rear bumper (replica)… Never mounted. $150 FIRM. FIRM.FIRM.FIRM!!! Picked up. There are others on this site going for about $100 more.

Nah… I would rather have the actual OEM Kouki bumper instead of replica fibreglass ones. Still looking for a kouki rear bumper.

Can you piece this together? :wink:


I’ve got the JDM Kouki Rear Bumper + JDM Kouki Rear Valence(s)

PM me your offer.

LOL… Dave, u are too funny!!!