Looking for a KA24DE in decent condition perferably one that runs. I dont need the tranny ,just the engine. Or mabey a KA24e if its in good condition for cheap. Needs to be in Edmoton or close.


hey i think my old motor is still at dsero … it did burn some oil but it still pulled … is free so you could rebuild and have ur self a nice engine …

Cool, where is dsero? was it a KA24E or a KA24DE?


sorry man … is a KA24DE …

I have a complete ka24e in calgary, 240xxxkm on it and runs very well. I can also include oem clutch and resurfaced flywheel with 25000kms on them.
$150 for the motor, $200 with clutch and flywheel

I know its far for you, but pm me if interested

i have a ka24de also if you havent found one.

303XXX kms, #3 burns oil, but still pulls hard.

pm if youre interested