WTB: Laptop

Lookin for a laptop. cheap one not 2 high priced. if got wireles card thats good if not i dont care

darn I just took one back today. I would have sold for $500

As soon as my new laptop arrives I will be selling a dell inspiron 4000.

14.1 inch screen
1ghz pentium 3 processor with speedstep
internal network card/modem
Netgear pcmcia wireless card
512mb ram
40gb hard drive
Windows Xp professional (legit)
Dell OEM Install cd included
Netgear wireless card setup CD included
CD Rom drive
Good battery - lasts 1.5 to 2hrs without USB device connected
Floppy drive included

$300 (i’ll get that for it on eBay easy.)

how come u sold me that 1 and now ur looking for another ?

look at the post date. this is old as hell.this is when i was lookin for one then found the one i got and sold to u Lock it please