wtb: oem clutch slave cylinder s13

Need one for my sr, aftermarket slaves are balls.

Must be in working order and come with all the essentials.

pm me.

I have one in really good condition , 3/4" bore - $20, check it here:

bump! fyi im looking for the slave, not the master cylinder.

If you really take your time and read what people write to you then you’ll see that there is a picture of the Slave Cylinder with description, price and link for more information (if you are really interested in that part).


I have an aftermarket slave brand new in box (came with my clutch master cyl) 30 bucks pm me if you want it its just sitting in my closet

my bad, i thought i bought it off of you a few months back.

I have a brand new one for s13, aftermarket part, OEM spec… $25 its yours… pm me

Got RB20 one, $15 she’s yours.

still looking! OEM s13 only. Unfortunately i couldnt get adams in time

bump! still looking

bump! still looking



RB slave needs modification to fit properly.

i got one in oakville if you wanna pick it up. 25$ s13 stock one