WTB playstation2

anyone saling one or know of one for a good price let me know

cdwarehouse 99 bucks

ill sell one for 98

ill sell mine for 90 with like 6 games… search for my for sale thread… its on here in general classifieds


i thought somone on here had one before, but i looked through the generals and couldnt find it can you link me to the add ?

lol thanks you posted as i was writing the last post

was wondering if you would want to sale the ps2 seperate from the games? also does it come with controlers or memory cards? everything included to hook it up? (your pm inbox was full)

yeah without the games… but it comes with one controller … all hookups and no memory cards

i have a modded ps2 with 60 games 2 controllers and its the rare silver one

make me a offer if you want it

ps2 everything needed, 2 old controllers, 1 new w/ leds (blue), memory card… few games…

rainbow 6 lockdown
(can think of name) another tom clancy game
fight for ny
gta san andreas
some xmen game…
and a couple others

looking for an offer i cant refuse (anything over 60…)

might be interested in yours

is it the old style or the newer style

any problems playing games on it?

let me know, your pm box was full