WTB racing seats

If you have some racing seats that will fit a 92 integra LMK. Just looking for anything really… doesnt matter what they are as long as its a decent price. PM or leave it here. Thx!!

what do they look like?

He wants to buy them, he’s not selling them :lol :haha


i feel like a moron

haha, if you want street racerz seats go to the 3 brothers… (pep b0I’s)

no seriously,.

I’m rly into the sparcos, or jdm itr seats. Hopefully someone has some for a decent price?

u will find sparcos for alot cheaper than the ITR sears

corbaeu has some nice seats with decient prices too. talk to JVG

JVG is never online with out an away message… whats the site he would actaully get them from so i could pay the same price that he pays for em?

I am in and out all day. Leave a message even when I have and away message up and I can get back to you ASAP.

Can you give me some type of seats you sell? was on your page and saw just about nothing for interior.

Yeah a bunch of companies just had price changes take effect May 1st so im overhauling some stuff on the website. I can get NRG (GetNRG.com), TenzoR, Recaro, Sparco, Corbeau, JDM Type R Seats (New only), Bride

What’s your price range? I know of a few used seats around.

I was looking to only spend about 500 used and up to 800 depending on what brand they are.

Sparco Monza in black are the seats I want. Idk if you can get them or not, but LMK.

PM Sent

Sent you an IM on AIM.

ahahahah oooo now look who wants sparcos lmao!

First thing i’d do is spray paint them ;D