WTB: S14 A-pillar cover /w speaker

I think it’s called the A-Pillar. It’s a black plastic cover with small speaker and it covers the pillar that supports the windshield. I need the passenger’s side. Please PM if you got this piece and your asking price. thanks!

still looking for this piece. Also if anyone got a shift boot for a '95 240SX S14, please let me know if you’re selling it and your asking price. Thanks!

BUMP… still looking for the passenger side A-Pillar cover /w speaker (240SX S14)

imgoing togochek out a parts car s14. if they have it ill grab it for you.
its a tweeter by the way.

ok thanks! You’re going to grab it for me or just check if they have the part?

lol if its a couple bucks ill jsut grab it.

ok thanks… let me know if you find it.