WTB Skyline Gtst Preferable, or GTR...

I’m looking to buy a skyline, preferably a gtst but doesn’t really matter.

Price range: 10,000 or under

I’m looking for it to be in good condition and running properly, hopefully with an e-test already done.

Throw me some offers if you got any, im located in the durham region.

I’m currently looking at a skyline right now but im posting this just incase it doesnt go through.

…why not try GTRC?

tiger has a clean silver gtr n1. Looks clean, you should check er out.

hahah tiger:cool:

Y05H1 has a Gts-t forsale. its my old skyline. Check it out

Th silver gtr is very nice. Heard it run. Impressive.

jdmr has one purple R33 gts t for sale… its from ottawa… and i think he wants like 6500 for it…

i tried to knock that price down to 5500 for soo long and i gave up…

from what he told me he imported it him self and he barly drove it ever since…

ill edit the link after.

sorry cant edit my post… here is the link


Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it.

eh what do you mean by tiger? is that someone here on the boards? lol

I got one but its way to reliable to let it go :P. I am flexible though hah

The 3 GT-Rs at tiger right now are a steal… I heard two of them run and drove the white one.

The white one is being sold on saturday, id rathr grab a gtst though before a gtr. personal preference i guess.

I agree… the coupe is avg… needs about $1500 worth of work to be road worthy… but it has a Kakimoto exhaust. If you can get it for under $3000 its worth it.

I sent you a pm, check out my gtst

Tiger Japanese auto parts. Go buy bthe silver one, its mint.

Any skyline that comes with a canadian vin will be bought first but your skyline doesnt even have the intercooler installed, i dont feel like doing any work on it the first day i get a car lol

i’m pretty sure it doesn’t need any work, that it’s just an aftermarket front mount he’s including with the car.

I’m still in the market for a R32 Skyline Gts-t. Deal with the current car i was looking at didnt fall through.

If you got a skyline for sale that doesn’t need any work, runs and is in mint condition pm me. I’m not willing to pay anymore then $8000

Oh and anyone here who can hook me up with insurance that doesn’t have to go into the facility market…i have 24 ice cold beers waiting for you.

Buy Mark’s (.white240.) 4 door… things are good on insurance, believe me, I own one.

Im not looking for 240’s just yet, giving the skyline one last try lol. And I dont think im looking for a 4 door.