WTB : Sport bike, something in the 600-750cc range

Older CBR/GSX/R preferrebly.

Looking to spend 3kish or less; I don’t need anything brand new or modified or anything. I’m just looking for something semi-quick, comfortable, reliable, and 50MPG :boink

take out the comfortable part and you shouldnt have a problem :rofl:

Comfortable is relative, but I’m not taking any trips on the thing. I’m just looking for something to commute on.

I like the old “Cafe racers” as well -


I’d say to forget 50mpg too, my F4i got around 35mpg bone stock, and I’m not exactly a heavy guy.

My F2 may have been close to 45. Maybe some of the other 600s get 50 or more, but mine never have.

my tl1000r got 52 to state college. and 42 around town. 50 on the highway not going over 10000 rpm isnt difficult.

My buddy claims around 50 out of his newer CBR600 (03 or so,) so I just used that as a reference point. 40 and up is fine by me.

A lot of people said theirs were better than mine, I’m not sure why it sucked so bad. I think it was mostly because the temp dropped so far on the highway (165ish). It was probably going open loop.

my zx6 with a akrapovic exhaust, powercommander, and some other stupid shit only got like 38 mpg

I guess noone has anybikes for sale jesse

i still have a 96 fzr 600 , its a fun cheap bike…but i dont think your looking for a starter bike…

No, I’m looking for a starter bike like that. Price and description?

all i can say is good luck, i got the run around about that bike for a good while, ended up buying something else

oh and norms in homestead has a 96 f3 for sale, i took a look at it because they are offering to part it also, didn’t appear to be anything wrong and it still ran, take a look at it

norm from norms cycles in homestead is a fuckin ripoff . i gave him 3 grand down on a bike and he said he would hold it for me , he sold it and refused to give me my 3 grand back…fuck norms…

jesse if you want the fzr pm me and you can come look at it…

XLOGIC- you wernt meant to get a run around , so i appologize if you fealt you got a run around… my father in law is a jackass and is nice then hates me then he’s nice again …

Thats the first bad thing i’ve heard about norms.

It’s cool dude i’m a pittspeed member…i expect less than that lol

Picking up a '98 CBR 600 F3, but thanks.

good shit…post pics when you get it