WTB: SR stock clutch

Just looking for the stock disk out of an SR, preferably with some meat left, but if needed rebuilding i’ll look at that as an option, NO i dont want an aftermarket clutch already have one, this is for test purposes.

i think i still have mine… with stock p plate


dont need pressure plate, have an extreme PP all i need is the stock disk… 50% left and over

what condition is yours in ?

mine should have alright meat…

lol you sound unsure, check for me and get back to me on PM, I might be interested depending on shape

ive got one im taking off my swp motor. let me know if your interested


Still looking if anyone has a descent stock clutch (sr)


or you can buy a oem 89 maxima.

yeah I actually thought of the same thing today, so its the 89 yeah… any particular model or doesnt matter?