wtb stock dsm wheels

looking for a set stock dsm rims and tires any year

I have 90 gsx rims, they are the fan style, with good winter tires on them. would you want these, i wouldn’t be sure yet on my part because i don’t really have the money for new rims at the time. But just let me know if your interested

i have two different sets, both aluminum, i have 14 inch rs rims and i have a set of 16" rims off like a 95 GSX…let me know, best offer cuz i sold my eclipse!

There are a set of 97 Eclipse 5 spokes in the junkyard at Bergen, NY (near Rochester). Decent shape. Wanted around $150-200 for the set you pull them. Tires were bald.

i have a set and you have seen them they are white swirlies off my 95 tsi shoot me an offer they are in perfect shape and i have 4 newer tires

too late already sold him my 95 gsx rims, at 2 am yesterday lmao