WTB: very small fan

im looking for a small fan around 3.5in diameter. Kinda low speed and quiter the better. It also has to be able to be plugged into a wall socket. I need one to mount on my lizard’s cage to help move some air through it so its not so stagnate in there. I was thinking like a computer fan, but didnt think they made any that can be plugged into a normal wall socket. Let me know if anyone knows of a fan that would work.

I have a 120mm fan but it needs to be converted from 3.4v to 110… You can have it for free…

i’ll take it, i’ll just need to find somone who can convert it.

just buy a computer fan from somewhere, hook it up to your powersupply on your comp and run a long wire… or hook it up to a powersupply and just power the fan with it. kinda overkill but if ya need to do it …

I think you have to modify the powersupply tho to turn on without a computer… i’ve done it before but don’t remember what to do, i’d have to try it to recall :stuck_out_tongue:

all in all sounds like too much work, why not just get one of those tiny desk fans? :slight_smile:

  1. Find old A/C Adapter from a cordless phone or anything… anything putting out like, ~5 volts

  2. Splice wires together

  3. You now have a fan

Like this :

when i read the title to this. i imagine like, a really really little man wearing am “i <3 jeeves” shirt, and waving a “jeeves #1” pennant.

Computer fan with a 9V battery will wokr very well, just secure the wires to the terminals and you are set