WTH is this?

Someone was saying this last night and I did not know what it was from "Hi, my name’s Chubby. My mom’s chubby, my dad’s chubby, even my dog’s
chubby. On day my mama said, ‘Chubby, how can you smile with them
chubby cheeks of yours?’ I said, “It’s easy mom, like this’”

can anyone tell me what the hell this is from?

You say that while squeezing a kids cheeks giving them a chubby face
I have no idea where it came from…

[To recite chubby, you must squeeze your cheeks forward with your hands so that your lips open up and you look like you have a fish mouth. This is crucial for the punch line, which is purely visual.]
Hi, my name’s Chubby. My mom’s chubby, my dad’s chubby, heck- even my dog’s chubby!

One day, my mama said to me, “Chubby, why don’t you never smile?”

And I said, “I can smile Mama, see?”

[At this point the speaker tries to smile with cheeks still tightly squeezed.]

a girl I work with is always saying that too… no idea where she got it from

ive never heard of this…ever…

but if someone ever says this to me…i think i will be forced to roundhouse kick them in the face


wow lol

i hate that you just posted that…

i hate it so much



i watched the first one and wanted to immediately kill that girl

lol I’m glad I don’t have sound here